We create business breakthroughs.

Our workshops are designed to give entrepreneurs the tools and knowledge to create a powerful brand, market their products, and create a breakthrough mindset to achieve scale. We also offer one-on-one coaching to help you further accelerate the growth of your business.

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“We quickly doubled our sales.

Dan logically gathered data and insights, mapped out overseas opportunities and developed strategies to reduce inventory. This created the cashflow we needed to reinvest in our business..”

Tom Ivascanin, Painpod Global
“Maarten helped us strategise and execute on fast and effective marketing outcomes.

We saved thousands of dollars in marketing & sales activation costs. Maarten cuts through all the fluff and executes on fast and effective outcomes.

Ian Jacobs, Thundaball
“After working with Cre8 Growth and doing the VCP I found that my message was clear.

After doing the VCP I found it easy to talk to my digital agency. Doing what I did with Cre8 was the hardest part of any business. In the past I struggled to sit down with agencies and explain what I wanted to achieve. After working with Cre8 the agencies understood what I wanted, and it was very simple for them to understand and help me.”

Debbie Burgermeister, Horse Riding Hub

Here’s how we deliver results

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Our Workshops

Just starting out and looking for someone to support you along the way? Then our workshops are perfect for you. Contact us today to find out more.

One-on-one coaching

Time poor and wanting to scale up quickly? Our individual coaching methodology with Maarten [for Marketing & Sales] or Dan [for Business Strategy] is designed to give you maximum returns quickly, while having lifetime access to our Mastermind Facebook group.

Book a FREE 30-minute Business Strategy call with Daniel

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Our success stories.

“Creating a global brand is not easy, with Cre8 on board we will achieve our goals

Maarten met Ian in late 2019 where he shared his vision for a global first, fast paced game featuring cardio intensive moves and a big round ball! The game unleashes your inner warrior and power beyond any current high intensity interval training program. Together we came up with the name “THUNDABALL” and all the digital marketing for the big launch in Brisbane. With fully booked out sessions Ian’s Thundaball is going gangbusters and will soon expand across Australia and beyond.

Ian “Powerhouse” Jacobs, Thundaball

Cre8 Growth opened our eyes to $650k worth of additional revenue for our business

Laura and Sam are the owners of a small business that specialises in creating meaningful, unique, and affordable wall art for homeowners all over Australia. They were already having a lot of success in their market prior to meeting Cre8 Growth and have been moving forward at a steady pace.

So, why did they reach out to Cre8 Growth if they were already growing? Simply put, they were succeeding with no direction. And if you do not have a business plan, direction, or general idea about what you are all about, there is a good chance that your business will not be sustainable long term.

Their biggest takeaway is that they now have a complete business plan that not only keeps them on track, but one that outlines their core values, financial goals and culture which is detrimental for their next step. On top of this, whilst their marketing was returning a positive ROI, they were wasting money and missing out on so much opportunity. In their own words “We now spend less, to earn more”

Sam & Laura Bryant, Laser Art Australia

Cre8 Growth mapped out a $2 million p.a. business plan for our Whats Doing App

Rocky has an App and he was wanting to monetise it. Together we developed a robust business plan, mapping out his markets, Ideal Customers (B2B) and Consumers (B2C) and created new artwork and designs along with a positioning statement to talk to his audience. A few months on and Rocky has over 200 B2B customers and over 15,000 consumers using the APP. He also has investors buying into his visions via his value creation growth plan.

Whats Doing, Rocky Grosdanis

We help solopreneurs &
start-ups achieve their dreams.

Cre8 Growth’s workshops are designed to give solopreneurs the tools and knowledge to create a powerful brand, market their products, and create a breakthrough mindset to achieve scale. Unlike other workshops, we stay with our clients on their journey of strategy and deployment and guide them every step of the way.

Lead Generation
Marketing &
Sales Activation

Our Partners

Excite Media


Since 2006, we’ve been refining a specialised methodology for designing high-converting websites. It’s what so many Brisbane companies use to beat their competitors (without them even knowing what happened). We’re experts at growing businesses with strategic websites and digital marketing. Our team of digital marketers will look at the big picture and build a digital strategy around what will grow your revenue as quickly as possible.



Fast, affordable Australian hosting from a company with an unmatched dedication to customer happiness. At Conetix, we believe in doing things right, the first time. That’s why our team work smarter and harder than any other Australian hosting company. We’re committed to delivering industry-leading hosting solutions, all backed with a wealth of experience, local knowledge and the incredible customer service we are well known for.

edt. Photography

Photography that tells your story.

edt. Photography is a Brisbane based commercial photography service, capturing the images that bring your brand to life. How does the world see your brand? Are you looking for food photography with bite? Powerful product imagery that really speaks to your audience? Or are you the main event, and ready to showcase who you are? At edt. Photography, we specialise in bringing brands to life. And we’re here to help connect yours with the world.

Our Founders

Daniel Hardcastle


Over the past two and a half decades, I have collaborated with the world’s greatest minds & leaders to enhance my business and leadership programs. These businesses range from Boston Consulting Group to Herrmann. I have put into practice my knowledge and experience gained to achieve my own personal and professional goals.

During my career I have led many global brands such as Holiday Inn, Sara Lee and Moccona. These businesses and brands have endured transformations, turnarounds, integrations, acquisitions and divestments. Both my Servant and Thought Leadership styles have been my compass guiding me along life’s journey.

“Change starts from within. As leaders we must first work on ourselves before we can work on others or our business”. My promise is to guide you through your journey and to bring clarity to your situation through open and honest communication.

Maarten Platenkamp


Too many growth ‘opportunities’ can be overwhelming for business owners.

Especially when it comes to effective marketing and sales. Guiding business owners to make their marketing strategy and implementation laser focussed is my core strength.
Since 2004 I’ve worked in a number of businesses to get their sales and marketing strategy aligned. I worked alongside CEO’s to make sure the strategy was executed successfully and corrections were implemented for optimal success.

In 2012 I partnered in Lash Creative, a start-up digital creative agency. From small beginnings in North Sydney we grew to servicing major clients such as PepsiCo, ING Australia and ASICS. After 6 wonderful years and experiencing both the client side as well as the agency side, I was given the opportunity to sell and eventually move my family to Brisbane.

Now I’m very much dedicated to pass on my years of knowledge and help others achieve their goals and dreams just like I have.